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                 Health Testing                        

DNA Testing:  I believe that health testing of breeding animals is imperative. If two breeding dogs carry the same gene the puppies can be affected. With a simple cheek swab, a lab can run breed-specific disease panels. I currently use PawPrint genetics for all of my breeding dogs. Health testing results are available upon request. 

Heart & Eye Testing:  I have my veterinarian examine each of my breeding dogs yearly for a full health and wellness check.

Hip & Joint testing:  For many years breeders have relied on x-rays (OFA) for determining joint health and making breeding decisions. While I do take into account the structure and health of my breeding dogs I do not believe these scans to be the end-all measure of joint health. I have read many articles and looked into the study of hip dysplasia and feel that a puppies environment in the critical first 8 weeks is a huge factor in the risk of developing HD or other joint issues. I am not confident that a certification is enough to guarantee a decreased risk of joint problems. Along with my Whelping protocol I recommend age appropriate exercise and body condition and weight for the best risk management and joint health.

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