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Products I Recommend ...

When you have the right TOOLS… Life with YOUR PUPPY becomes 100% easier.

Just like with anything in life if you don’t have the right tools or the right setup.. things can be extremely difficult. I want to help you so that your first week, month and year with your new puppy goes smoothly. 

I’ve ALREADY done all the research and testing so you don’t have to. I am NOT Sponsored to recommend these products.

This page is of products that I have personally purchased over the years and that I have faith in enough to recommend them to my Doodle Families. 

Doodle breeder Texas

I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive. ~Gilda Radner

                     Food Recommendations

I do NOT feed grain-free to my dogs, recent studies have linked heart conditions to grain-free food. Studies have found that taurine is an essential mineral for dogs and it is not found in a grain-free diet.

Best Dog food
trachea dog treats
cow hooves dog puppy chews

Find it at YUMWOOF.COM

poodles texas oklahoma
Slow feeder for fast eaters

These bowls are a great way to keep your puppy from eating too fast and the plus is it gives them a brain workout also!!

Stella and Chewy dog food

Toys I use in my own home.

Hide and seek dog toy
my favorite puppy dog toys
best training toys for puppies

This is absolutely the most purchased Item I have, I keep it on my auto-ship on

best non destructable puppy dog toys
Texas doodle breeder
best rugs for dogs

Soggy Doggy Doormat

Keep the Rain and Mud out of your House!


This is my #1 CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT recommendations…. I have 4 of them in all sizes! 
I needed something that worked and worked well. These are machine washable (also important) and catch about 70% of the water and dirt off their paws before they make it into the house. I LOVE the big ones and they’re worth every penny.. I promise.

Doodle puppies for sale Texas

Andis Pet Steel Grooming Comb

Dynamic Duo

I was a dog groomer for 14 years and still groom my own dogs, this is the one tool I could not do without. It's by far the most used grooming tool I have. Great for that Poodle and Doodle Hair. 

doodles texas oklahoma
best metal comb for dogs
best kennel for dogs

MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crates

This is what I personally use for my own dogs. It is sturdy and I have never had any problems with dogs getting out. I would recommend the 36 inch, it comes with a divider that can be used when the puppy is small and is big enough to grow with your little luv.

MidWest  Foldable Metal Exercise Pen

Crate Information
best setup for puppies
Doodle puppies

For people who work or for those people who can not take their new puppy out every 2-3 hours because they work, I do recommend they use a contained area with access to a litter box or potty area until they’re old enough to hold it for the full 8 hours in a crate. You can use either baby gates or an x-pen with a crate inside of it to contain your puppy in a small area. I like to put a plastic tarp (as seen in the picture) under the x-pen if you have carpet.  I like to use a litter box with paper or pine pellets. (also shown here) I personally use the tray with a grate so if you purchase one of my puppies it will already be litter box trained. I do recommend underpads with whatever you use for a cleaner area around and for any accidental messes.

best puppy pads

Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate

  • Expands from 29 to 37 inches wide with included 6-inch extension kit

  • Stands 30 inches tall. Lever-style handle with metal frame

  • Great to keep puppies out of places they don't need to go

Products you will see me use with the puppies in my videos

Potty Training puppies
Potty Training puppies
pads used for puppies

I use these underpads to keep things clean and in case of an accidental miss

I do not recommend rawhide, they are not digestible and can kill your pet. Never feed cooked bones, for a special treat stop by your butcher and ask for a rib bone. 

The following are things I keep on my subscription order on a regular basis and the things I use with my puppies.

Puppy Treats
Puppy Treats for training
Yak Cheese for puppy teeth

Puppies #1 favorite

best training treats for puppies
Odor free sticks for puppies
Puppy training treats

Buttonsmith Custom Personalized Dog Collar

best things for puppies

I Love these collars, they are fun colors and you don't have to worry about dangling name tags, they print all your information right on the collar. Every one of my dogs wears one. 

dog cleaner

Pet Stain & Odor Miracle

  • #1 RATED ENZYME CLEANER - Completely removes all pet stains and odors: urine, feces, vomit, & drool. Again my personal favorite and it works and smells great. 

Bedtime Buddies Velour Sherpa Blanket

dog blankets
  • The Jungle Buddies Velour Sherpa Blanket measures 30 inches x 40 inches. Your puppy will love snuggling up in this sweet blanket, mine do!! 

kennel mat for puppies

MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Pet Bed

  • This comfy bed will fit the crate we recommended perfectly. I have washed mine and it has held up beautifully with my rambunctious Aussie boy.

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