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Our Dogs

The Girls

F1, F1b explained
IMG_0144_jpg 2.jpg


F1bb Merle Aussiedoodle

30 lb. She will be the Mom to our Australian Mountain Doodles. 

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IMG_0116_jpg 2.jpg


AKC Sable Merle Tri Parti Moyen Poodle. She weights 30 lbs. She will be the Mom to our Moyen Poodles and Bernedoodles

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at/at, B/B, E/E, ky/ky, m/M, S/S

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Journey is our newest addition, She is 91 % Bernese Mountain Dog and 9% Australian Shepard. She is going to be the Mom to our F1 Australian Mountain Doodles. She weights about 65 lbs. and will have beautiful Merle and Tri colored puppies.


F1b Mini Phantom Merle Bernedoodle, she weights 20 lbs.
 She will be the Mom to our Mini Bernedoodles or Mini Golden Mountain Doodles


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"Luv"& "Fancy"

Luv & Fancy are from our very own Mom Gypsy. They are both full Moyen Blue Merle Phantom Poodles. They will both be future Mommas for our Mini Doodle program.


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