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Our Dogs

The Girls

F1, F1b explained


F1bb Merle Aussiedoodle
30 lb. She is the Mom to our Australian Mountain Doodles. 

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Bernedoodle Puppies Texas

F1b Mini Phantom Merle Bernedoodle, she weights 20 lbs.
 She will be the Mom to our Mini Bernedoodles or Mini Golden Mountain Doodles

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Moyen Poodle


AKC Sable Merle Tri Parti Moyen Poodle. She weights 30 lbs. She is the Mom to our Moyen Poodles and Bernedoodles

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Goldendoodle Texas

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Lyric will be the Mom to our future mini Goldendoodle litters, her litters will be considered Multigen and will have a beautiful wavy coat. They will be approx. 12% Golden and will be a Deep Red Tuxedo. Our Stud Aasher will be the Dad of these litters.


Merle Phantom Poodle Texas


Merle Phantom Poodle puppies

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Luv & Fancy are from our very own Mom Gypsy. They are both full Moyen Blue Merle Phantom Poodles. They will both be future Mommas for our program.

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