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Puppy Pick Policy

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face. ~Ben Williams

We will hold a "facetime/skype chat" the Saturday closest to when the puppies have/will have reached 7 weeks of age. We like to wait so that each puppy is starting to show its true personality.  We will set times with each person on our list in the order the deposits were received. It is ideal if the whole family can be available at this time as I believe this is an important family decision.  During our call, we will discuss each available puppy and how each one would fit into what your particular family is looking for in a pet. We will have provided weekly photo updates as the puppies grow and post videos with personality descriptions leading up to our puppy pick chat.  We offer puppy Facetime/Skype sessions during your scheduled time. We encourage you to not get too attached to a specific puppy until it is your turn to choose. Once you have chosen the puppy you want you cannot decide to switch to a different one later on because most likely I have turned away people on the list that would have picked that puppy and it would not be fair to them and would only create confusion in the pick program. Puppies will be able to leave at 8-9 weeks of age.

OTHER PUPPY INFORMATION - If by chance something happens to the puppy you picked prior to the take-home day your deposit will be refunded in full. Sometimes things happen, puppies may get sick, injured or not fit for sale at the time of pickup for another reason. It's not often and never expected but this is just so you know how it's handled if it does occur. If this happens you can pick any available puppies from this litter, or you may decide to place your deposit on another litter in the next open spot available.   

Puppies are released at 8-9 weeks of age. Generally, pickup day will be the first
Saturday that the pups are of age to go home, this pickup day will be listed on each litter page. The balance is due at this time payable in cash, Zelle, Venmo or  PayPal, to prevent having to pay a fee please pay through the friends/family link.  If you want to make your final payment by personal check, please pay 10 days before you pick up your puppy so there is time for the check to clear.

I do not hold puppies much past the pickup day since they need to be with their families to start the bonding process sooner than later. Boarding fees may apply for late pickups. If you are not able to pick up your puppy on the posted take home date then we advise waiting for another litter.  We do not personally board puppies at our home or keep them for the extra time past their take home date. Puppies that age are a tremendous amount of work to socialize and care for properly and we look forward to well-earned rest periods in between litters of puppies and plan our own holidays accordingly.

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