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Upcoming Litters fall 2024


IMG_0144_jpg 2.jpg
Willow is our Aussiedoodle Mom, I like to pair her up with
a Mini Bernedoodle boy to create a wonderful                    combination I like to call Australian Mountain Doodles  This will be Willows retirement litter and the end of our  Australian Mountain Doodle Program.                             


Luv is a Full Merle Phantom Poodle as of right now my         thoughts are that she is going to be Mom to our next            generation Mini Bernedoodles, She is part of my own lines and I am so Happy to carry on these wonderful puppies.       


Sheeba is a Phantom Merle Mini Bernedoodle, I will be Pairing her with another Mini Bernedoodle for some   Beautiful Multigen Mini Bernedoodle Puppies.             


Gypsy is a Sable Merle Parti Poodle, she has consistently had the Most Beautiful Babies (Poodles and Bernedoodles) This   litter will be her retirement litter and I plan to do one    more litter of Bernedoodles because  she has the most          beautiful Sable babies you ever have seen.                            
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Deposit List for upcoming Litters
1)Kyrmarie Dávila
2)Fabiola Rosario
3)Meghan Roe
4)Janette Alaniz
5)Tara Carollo

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